About Silver Jewellery

Silver Jewellery is... on it's way up!

As the price of gold and silver increases, silver jewellery is becoming more and more in demand. The price of gold has sky rocketed and whereas before if you wanted a pendant that would stand the test of time you would go for Gold, now people are turning instead to Silver to fulfil that need. For a substantial gold pendant you will currently be looking at paying nothing short of $350 but with silver, yes you may be paying a little extra than you used to but you get a beautiful piece of jewellery that is less than half the price of gold and now just as precious and eternal.

Silver Jewellery is... for every occasion

Silver jewellery is perfect on so many levels and whatever the occasion. There are pieces that make great gift ideas, whether it be a little something to say thank you or a statement piece for a special birthday, pieces for when you are having a bad day and just want to treat yourself to a little something and then not forgetting pieces for the kids and the guys. 

Silver Jewellery is... for everyone

The great thing about silver jewellery is that it is so versatile and appeals to almost everybody. We have sold to little girls who are going to be flower girls up to ladies celebrating their 80th and wanting something extra special. Silver doesn’t clash with anything, even if you own a few gold pieces you would still like to wear, we have noticed a growing trend in wearing the two metals together. 

Silver Jewellery is... timeless

Another thing to bring to your attention when it comes to silver jewellery is that it is timeless. Gold very much follows trends, one season gold is a must have and the next season is being labelled as ‘old fashioned’. Silver jewellery powers through the trends as a constant part of fashion, it is used constantly by the big designers and worn by many celebs.

Silver Jewellery is... 'Something Elegant'

At Something Elegant, we chose to specialise in Sterling Silver Jewellery because of all the above reasons. But, not only is silver jewellery beautiful, it is also very affordable in these difficult times. This is what is so wonderful about silver jewellery when compared to gold, you are guaranteed to find a great gift matching whatever price range you have. If your budget is £200 you can get an exquisite necklace (see image) and if your budget is £20 then we have some charming pendants. All our prices are very competitive and we try to give you, the customer, as much of a good deal as we can.

Silver jewellery is becoming more and more popular as the months go on, and, over the last year, here at Something Elegant, we have seen our customer base double. If you would like to take a look at why so many people have chosen to buy our silver jewellery then visit our website githsaragems.com. If you would like to know more about our silver jewellery then please don’t hesitate to contact us on +94 777 939 270 . Alternatively email us at githsaragems.com 

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